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We support children who were victimized by mental abuse.

Mental abuse can have long-term effects on a child and their mental, physical, and emotional health. Child mental abuse is harder to detect than physical abuse, but the devastating effects that come from it can impact a child during crucial phases of development and well into adulthood.

Child Mental Abuse

At The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center, we support children and their families who are victims of child mental abuse. Our services are comprehensive and designed to reduce trauma during an open, ongoing investigation. These services include child advocacy, coordinated case management, mental health treatment, medical evaluations, forensic interviews, community outreach, and more. Our staff members are some of the best in their fields and are committed to ending abuse among children in our community.

We help children who are victims of child mental abuse completely free of charge. This is all made possible by our expansive network of volunteers and generous donors, as well as organizations in our community that support our mission. If you want to put an end to child mental abuse, your donation is always welcome. If you want to further get involved, you can join our team of volunteers and make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

Together, we can help child abuse victims recover from mental trauma and move forward. For more information about our children’s advocacy center and what you can do to get involved, contact us today.

Child Mental Abuse in Davidson County, NC