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We advocate for children victimized by abuse.

We advocate for and help children who are the victims of child abuse at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center. As a children’s advocacy center, we provide a safe, child-friendly environment where legal professionals, child protective services, law enforcement, and mental and medical health professionals can share information and develop coordinated, effective strategies customized to the unique needs of every case and every child who walks through our doors.

Children Advocacy in Davie County, North Carolina

Without the involvement of a children’s advocacy center, a child may have to retell the story of their abuse over and over again to judges, investigators, therapists, lawyers, doctors, etc. They may also have to talk about the traumatic experience of their abuse at the police station and mistakenly believe they are in trouble.

When child protective services or law enforcement receive information about a child abuse case, the child is brought to our children’s advocacy. Here, a trained interviewer will ask the child about the situation in a way that does not create any further trauma. Then, a team that may include mental health professionals, medical professionals, victim advocates, and other professionals will get together and make decisions about how to help the child.

Our children’s advocacy center plays an important role in helping the children here in Davie County, North Carolina. We are committed to helping children who are victimized by abuse and putting an end to child abuse in our community. For more information about how you can donate or get involved, please contact us today.

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