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We advocate for the needs of child abuse victims.

In addition to the physical injuries child abuse victims sustain due to maltreatment, a child’s reactions to neglect and abuse can have lifelong consequences. Childhood maltreatment can be linked to behavioral, psychological, and physical difficulties that may be independent of each other or interrelated. For example, neglect or abuse may harm a child’s brain development and result in psychological problems, like low self-esteem. This could later lead to high-risk behaviors, like substance abuse.

Children Advocacy

At The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center, we advocate for abused children and their families during abuse investigations. As a children’s advocacy center, we provide a variety of services designed to facilitate ongoing investigations and help abused children process this trauma all under one convenient, safe, and comfortable roof. Our services include:

  • Forensic interviews
  • Child abuse medical examinations
  • Victim advocacy
  • Mental health treatment
  • Multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Coordinated case reviews
  • Community outreach

We provide these services to children from birth to age 17, completely free of charge. Our children’s advocacy center relies heavy on funding from our generous donors and support from our expansive volunteer network, as well as many community organizations that support our cause.

Your support of our children’s advocacy center is invaluable and makes a difference in the life of each child we serve. Find out more about you can get involved as a volunteer or contact us to donate and make a difference in our ability to serve child abuse victims.

Children’s Advocacy in Davidson County, NC


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