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Donate to a cause dedicated to helping children.

Many children are victims of mental, physical, sexual, or online abuse every year here in Davie County, North Carolina. The effects of child abuse are far-reaching and can affect a child significantly during critical phases of development and well into adulthood.

Donate to Child Causes in Davie County, North Carolina

Our goal at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center is to put an end to child abuse in our community. If you want to donate to child causes, anything you can give makes a difference in our ability to continue to help the children who come to our children’s advocacy center.

When you donate to child causes and contribute to our center, you help us keep our doors open, so we can continue to help children victimized by abuse. Our children’s advocacy center provides every service a victim of child abuse needs after allegations of abuse surface. Some of these services include case management, medical and forensic interviews, mental health treatment, and more.

By providing all of these critical services in one place, children feel more comfortable and confident when dealing with the after-effects of the abusive situation. Our children’s advocacy center is inviting, comfortable, and designed specifically for the children we serve.

We appreciate any donation you can provide to our cause, whether it is a donation of your time, talents, or money. For more information about how you can donate to child causes and get involved with our children’s advocacy center, please contact us today.

Donate to Child Causes
Donate to Child Causes in Davidson County, NC