How to Help Abused Children, Davie County, NC

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Learn how to help abused children.

Stories of child abuse are absolutely heartbreaking. And they can be even more difficult to learn about when they occur right in your local community. If you want to learn more about how to help abused children, we encourage you to support our cause at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center.

My Child is Being Abused in Davie County, North Carolina

We help children in Davie County, North Carolina who are victims of abuse. We do this by providing all of the services these children need after allegations of child abuse surface under one roof. Some of these services include mental health treatment, medical and forensic interviews, victim advocacy, coordinated case management, and more.

Without the involvement of our children’s advocacy center, child abuse victims would have to retell the traumatic event to judges, police, investigators, therapists, and others. This can create additional trauma after the abusive event and make it harder for the child to receive the right services.

Our children’s advocacy center is designed specifically for the children we serve, and our professionals are committed to helping abused children cope with this trauma and move forward. Any donation you can give allows us to continue to provide these essential services to children in our local community free of charge.

If you are wondering how to help abused children, any donation of your time, talents, or money makes a big difference toward supporting our cause. For more information about what our children’s advocacy center does and how to make a donation, please contact us today.

How to Help Abused Children
How to Help Abused Children in Davidson County, NC