Child Hiding Phone

Know when to be concerned when your child hides their phone.

Giving your child a phone lets them connect with their friends while giving you the convenience of being able to contact them when they are at activities, school, or out with friends. Although having a phone is mostly a good thing for your child, you worry about excessive use and the dangers lurking on the internet and in different apps.

Child Hiding Phone

You may start to get more concerned if your child is hiding their phone from you, especially when you directly ask them to show it to you. This may mean they are trying to conceal different apps or messages with others that they do not want you to see. A child hiding their phone is something to be concerned about, and in some cases, it can mean that your child is the victim of online abuse or another issue.

If your child is hiding their phone from you because of an online predator or abuse from a known party, receive all the services you need to handle this situation at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center. We exist to put an end to child abuse and help children suffering from the effects of abusive situations. Our professionals are the best in their line of work, and we unwaveringly advocate for children and their needs.

If your child is hiding their phone and you are concerned about an abusive situation, act quickly and allow our team to help. For more information about our advocacy center and how we can support you and your child, contact us today.

Child Hiding Phone in Davidson County, NC