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Our experts can help you protect the kids and teens in your life from online abuse.

Here at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center, our goal is to help parents, guardians, and other adults protect children from all types of abuse. As kids and teens spend more time online, an increasing number of them are experiencing bullying and abuse in these digital spaces. If you are concerned that a child in your life is suffering online abuse, you can turn to our experts to find out how to support and protect them.

Online Abuse in Davidson County, North Carolina

Online abuse refers to any abuse that happens via the internet. Online abuse can take place on any device that is connected to the web, including computers, smart phones, tablets, and even gaming consoles. This form of abuse is also not limited to just social media, but instead can take place through any form of online communication, from voice chat to text messages to standard emails. No matter how your child is interacting with others online, if they are receiving cruel, manipulative, or threatening messages, then they are being abused.

Finally, online abuse can come from anyone—not just strangers, but also your child’s peers, or even adults that they know in real life. It can also be an extension of in-person bullying or grooming, but it could also be taking place only online. Our team will work with you and your child to determine the exact nature of the online abuse and how best to deal with it.

Our team is proud to serve the Davidson County, North Carolina community, and we are dedicated to helping you protect the children in your life from online abuse. If you are concerned that a child you know is suffering abuse of any kind, we encourage you to reach out to our team to get the resources you need to help them.

Online Abuse
Online Abuse in Davie County, NC


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