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If you want to help your child stay safe from online predators, our team has the resources and advice you need.

These days, the number of devices connected to the internet can easily seem to outnumber the ones that aren’t. Because so many phones, computers, tablets, and gaming consoles are connected to the web now, children are going online at younger ages, and it is therefore important to teach them how to stay safe from online predators. If you are looking for resources and advice on how to help your child recognize and protect themselves from online predators, you can turn to our team at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center to get the assistance you need.

Online Predators in Davidson County, North Carolina

While we can’t cover everything about online safety in this article, we can provide a few key tips to help you get started. Start by teaching your kids that they should never share their personal information with anyone, and that things like passwords and account numbers should be kept private at all times. Also make sure your child knows that they should never reveal their full name, date of birth, address, or where they go to school, as online predators can use this information to track them down. In addition, emphasize that anyone who pushes their boundaries is not to be trusted—for example, if someone continues to message your kid after they’ve been told to stop, they do not have your child’s best interest at heart.

We are proud to serve the Davidson County, North Carolina community, and we want to help you protect the children in your life from online predators. If you are looking for resources on how to teach children good online safety habits or have concerns about their online interactions, we encourage you to reach out to us to get the expert advice you need.

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